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Acupuncture for Pain & Stress Relief

Relax & Rejuvenate

Currently closed due to COVID-19


At Green Lake Natural Health, I offer high quality, safe, and effective health and wellness treatment programs to help you reach your optimal physical and emotional health.

"I am very pleased to say that after only 1 appointment I felt 75 to 80% better the day after. "

James S.

Enjoy life without pain with a safe and natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. Acupuncture can help manage chronic pain naturally without the use of drugs by helping you reset and return to your natural state.

"I have tried everything for my neck and back pain over the years and finally found relief"

Vee G.

Acupuncture and Medicinal Herbs are a comprehensive approach to healing and wellness developed over the past 2,500 years that can help lower inflammation, reduce pain, and relax so you can get back to doing the things you enjoy!


"Sterling is a gifted acupuncture practitioner. . . He's one of the best"

Margaret R.

In our modern world, the focus on the patient is often overlooked and undervalued. It is my purpose and commitment to restore the quality care and patient satisfaction you deserve. I see individuals one at a time, and that time is focused entirely on your treatment. I begin with a detailed intake of your current concerns as well as assessing your constitutional nature and then move on to treatment that is specific to you. In addition to acupuncture, I bring additional services to my patients including the relaxing benefit of tuning forks, a gentle vibrational therapy, and moxibustion, a relaxing heat therapy, in order to promote deep relaxation and support the healing process. For a complete list of services click here.

At Green Lake Natural Health we have affordable rates.

Initial Acupuncture Appointment (90 minutes): $100

Returning Acupuncture Appointment (60 minutes): $70

If you have any questions about acupuncture or are interested in discussing if your specific condition is a good candidate for treatment, please contact.


Proudly serving Green Lake and the greater Seattle community since 2010.

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