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Dr Sterling Jenkins DAOM

Sterling received his clinical doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the highly regarded Oregon College of Oriental Medicine.  His doctoral studies were focused on deepening his understanding of Internal Medicine within the specialization of Woman’s Health and the Aging Adult population.  His doctoral program emphasized an Integrative Health perspective, bringing together the wisdom of Eastern healing traditions and the modern advancements of Western Bio-Medicine.  This integrative approach is the future of medicine, utilizing the strengths of each tradition for the overall betterment of patient care.  He received his Masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Bastyr University in 2009.  His medical training also includes internships in Shang Hai, China at the Shu Guan and Long Hua hospitals, focusing on Internal Medicine and Woman's Health. 

He has further studied the treatment of infertility at the Jade Institute here in Seattle.  Finally, in order to further advance his diagnostic evaluations, he studied Face Reading and Facial diagnosis at the Lotus Institute, completing the Master Face Reading Certificate Program in 2016.

Sterling earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Colorado graduating magna cum laude and with distinction, in 2005.

His interests in Chinese Medicine was originally inspired by the East Asian Philosophies and Yang Sheng (life cultivation) practices.  He is a 3rd generation Hun Yuan Tai Ji Quan and 20th generation Chen style Tai Ji Quan lineage holder.  It has always been his dream to bring together all this knowledge and experience to his practice, in the pursuit of healing and helping others.  He looks forward to working with you.

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