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How to Gain Health Benefits from Walking

Don’t underestimate power of walking.

One of the pillars of Chinese Medicine is living a life that helps prevent illness and disease. One of the best and simple ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle is by walking. Many people believe that the only way to be healthy and exercise is to work out for hours in the gym lifting weights and using cardio machines or pounding the pavement jogging. While going to the gym and jogging are great ways to get and stay healthy, light walking should not be overlooked. Here are three health benefits of going for a simple walk.

3 Health Benefits of Light Walking

1. It’s Easy on the Body

Walking is a great form of exercise that does not add the stress and pain that can come from running on a treadmill or using a stair master according to the Mayo Clinic. High-impact activities can cause joint pain or affect existing problems, whereas going for walks can help improve circulation and loosen joints. Taking a long stroll in a local park or neighborhood is an easy way to get exercise and better your health.

2. Improve Sleep

Are you having trouble sleeping at night? The Huffington Post reports a morning walk can help with that. Walking in the morning can help aid in getting to sleep sooner and help put you in a deep sleep. Don’t skip your walks either; maintaining a walking routine is essential for overall health and sleep improvement.

3. Benefit the Mind

Taking the time to go for a light walk can reduce stress and help calm emotions from the day. Researchers at the University of Michigan found that walking has mental health benefits such as, “Decreased depression, improved well-being and mental health, and lower perceived stress.” Walking around parks and neighborhoods will also allow you to see and enjoy nature’s best features.

Don’t underestimate the power of a good, easy, long walk. Hitting the gym has its benefits, but a light walk is easy on the body and good for the mind. Find your favorite place to go and discover the benefits of walking for yourself.

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