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Testimonials at Green Lake Natural Health*

  • Sterling is a gifted acupuncture practitioner.  I've used acupuncture consistently for decades as I've moved and traveled around.  I'm fussy.  He's one of the best.  He's skilled with Chinese herbs as well -- which is a rare combination.  Thank you, Sterling!  Margaret, R

  • Sterling is a true healer!  I have seen him many times for a variety of health related issues and he has been able to not only alleviate my symptoms but actually heal my body. What I appreciate most is he listens, and is fully present and sincerely invested in my well-being.  He takes the time to understand my issues and to educate me on ways to optimize my health.  He is very conscientious and professional and that puts me at ease. His office space is beautiful, peaceful, and relaxing.  The treatments are very holistic and afterwards I definitely feel more vital and alive.  I am grateful to have Sterling as part of my health/self care.  Santi, D

Acupunctre in Seattle for chronic pain relie
  • All acupuncture is not the same!  I suffer from lower back pain after a severe car accident.  Save yourself some time and allow Sterling to work his magic on you.  Sterling is amazing in the art of acupuncture.  The room is very serene and you’ll come away feeling relaxed and rejuvenated!  Brian, J

  • I work at a computer all day and the combination of my bad posture and the stress of my job causes tension headaches that last for days.  However, an Acupuncture treatment from Sterling relieves the tension and keeps it at bay for weeks.  I started seeing him on a regular monthly basis and it kept the headaches in check and gave me an excuse to relax for an hour.  The entire experience with Green Lake Natural Health, from booking your appointments to the decor and the treatment itself, is easy, calming and relaxing.  I highly recommend Green Lake Natural Health and Sterling!  Keezia, F


  • I had been toying with the idea of alternative medicine for quite some time and he made the transition more than easy for me.  I had some inner ear issues and their level of care and concern had not been met by any other health care professionals.  I never once felt like I was a burden or I was wasting their time.  It was refreshing, I had questions and he explained everything to me in the clearest way that any layman could understand, without ever making me ever feel foolish.  He is excited and knowledgeable about his profession, and is available to take the time to break down the history of Chinese medicine and guide you in the appropriate direction.  Sterling has a energizing approach.  He’s a fan of the tuning forks and now so am I.  You can feel the vibrations of the forks from your head all the way down to your toes like an electric surge.  It’s all a little mysterious.  I know I know again I’m sounding as if I drank the Kool-Aid.  Well lemme tell you, I did, and it was delicious.  Alexis, R


  • I went to Green Lake Natural Health for some pain relief for my hand, when traditional (western) medicine failed.  I saw Sterling twice, and the pain is gone.  He was knowledgeable, effective, and nice!  I was skeptical of the whole oogy-boogy-ness of acupuncture before I went, but the results don’t lie.  My hand doesn’t hurt anymore (after 6 months of trying to get an accurate diagnosis and treatment from more traditional doctors!).  I would definitely go back.  Good things: The needles are the thickness of a hair, so you hardly feel them going in.  Sterling uses tuning forks, which give a wonderful vibrating sensation.  The incense and neck/shoulder rub felt wonderful.  Relaxing. Pain relief that works! Covered by my health insurance (Premera). Mellissa, P


* Disclaimer

Please note that there is no assurance of achieving a desired or specific result in treatment.  Although everything possible is done to ensure a positive outcome, each patient responds differently to care.  Any claims or testimonials on this site are not to be interpreted as the likely patient experience that you should expect.  Your progress in treatment is based on many factors, including your commitment to making lifestyle changes, compliance with suggestions, and adherence to the treatment plan. By commencing treatment, you agree that Green Lake Natural Health is not responsible for the success or failure of the treatment outcome.

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